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JennaRedfieldDesigns offers branding product & styled stock photography as well as custom designed desktop stock photos.

Video editing, including coaching & training and editing services for busy entrepreneurs are also available

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Styled Stock Photos

Up your Instagram game!

Styled Stock Photography has become an essential part of InstagramPinterest & web design as a way to market your brand.

Having a consistent brand and beautiful photos helps to showcase your hard work. 

Why spend thousands on props, training & equipment...

when you can download them in under 2 minutes and under $10! 

Custom Brand Photography

Examples of Custom Banner Images I've Designed

Stock Photos exclusive to your brand! 

While selling stock photos on this site, Etsy and Creative Market, I developed a one-of-a-kind method of creating custom brand photos. 

These photos are exclusive to you and your brand & no one else can use them. They also fit your unique color scheme.

I've cataloged every prop I use (400+ props & 16 backdrops) and have uploaded it to the Prop Library, where you can "Pin" your way to customizing your custom photos

Get the perfect custom photos for your blog, business or brand!

Video Editing Services

Looking to make a video for your site, have filmed some footage but have no idea how to edit? Look no further!

JennaRedfieldDesigns now offers video coaching and 1 on 1 training as well as video editing services where I assist you and edit your videos for your website, course or social media! Click below to learn more!

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