Streamlining Success: An In-depth Look at Managed IT Service Revolutionized Operations

When business owners think of improving their operation more helpful hints, they often forget one crucial aspect: Managed Information Technology Services. Imagine running in poorly fitted shoes during a marathon. You can still finish but in discomfort, and it may take longer. Operating a modern business is like that. Computer Solutions, Inc., presents this article, which dives deeply into a real-life case study to demonstrate the transformative potential of managed IT.

UrbanEats has been a successful chain of restaurants in the Midwest for many years. Few years ago, their POS system was dated and had frequent system crashes. They were unable to focus on their strategic tech initiatives because of the daily troubles that plagued their IT team.

After that, they decided to switch. UrbanEats completely revamped its IT landscape after partnering with Managed IT Service. Instantly, they didn’t only react to problems. They anticipated them.

One important change was the introduction of a cloud point-of sales system. It allowed real-time sync of data between all branches. Management could then make immediate changes to the menu or roll out promotions. A regular system monitor ensured that downtimes would be a thing if the past.

Managed IT Services introduced automation for mundane tasks. Automated backups, patches for security, and even updates to inventory are all automated. This saved not only time but also human errors. The result? An increase in operational efficiency of almost 30%.

UrbanEats’s team enjoyed the newfound flexibility. Instead of being bogged down with daily IT issues, the team at UrbanEats could focus on delivering delicious food and providing stellar customer experiences. The IT partner provided regular training for staff members to ensure that everyone was aware of the latest technological advances.

Now, here’s what you want to know. What are the costs now? The costs dropped. Managed IT Services enabled them to plan their budgets and avoid unexpected costs. UrbanEats cut their IT expenses by 20% over the course a full year.

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