6 Ways to Find a Divorce Lawyer in Your Area

Statistics show that half of all marriages end up in divorce. Although some marriages fail, others last. You have many options to seek legal counsel during this time of turmoil in your life. Here’s a short list of locations where you can find a qualified divorce attorney.

1. Refer to a friend or colleague who has been through a divorce. These people may be able give you valuable insight into their experiences with the divorce lawyer they have hired. Sometimes, the friend or relative may not be in your jurisdiction so different laws could apply. For divorce advice, always seek out a referral from someone close to you. The same local laws will apply.

2. Internet- Internet access is essential for many people who are looking for information fast. The internet has a wealth of information, including local divorce attorneys. The internet can provide you with detailed search results, which is great because search engines can display relevant results. If you have a cell phone that can connect to the internet, this is an option. Your soon-to be ex-spouse won’t have access to your personal information on the computer at home.

3. Local Phone Book Listings: You’ll find a lot of licensed lawyers in your local area if you search your yellow pages or telephone book. You should remember that the most prominent advertisement might not be the best for your divorce case. Look for a qualified divorce attorney in your area by calling several local attorneys. While some family law attorneys may specialize in adoption services, others may be practicing family law. It is important to confirm that their primary practice is divorce.

4. Bar Association- In many cities, there will be a local association. This is a great place to look for divorce attorneys. You can reach a number of highly-respected local divorce attorneys by calling the association. The association will ensure that your attorney meets all requirements and is licensed.

5. Local Law Schools: If you’re looking for a divorce attorney but don’t have much money, look into local law schools and get in touch with their legal aid department. Their discounted prices are available if you have a financial need that is eligible for the pro bono program. They can also refer you to a divorcing attorney if your financial situation is not eligible.

6. Legal Aid Services- This is an alternative option for those who are low on cash or don’t have the income to pay. Do a search in your area to find a legal aid society. To be eligible for legal aid, you may need to meet certain requirements. For financial hardship applicants, legal aid services can also take pro bono cases. Many city divorce attorneys will accept cases through pro bono.

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