Carpets are important for maintaining good indoor air quality

When you walk into a new room, do you feel a sense of excitement or a sense that the air is fresh, check this out? It’s possible that your first inhalation can reveal more information about a place than you might think. Do you realize that your carpet might be the agent undercover that is contaminating that air? The carpeting Killara team is on hand to help shed some light on this domestic mystery.

Imagine the carpet you have as a giant filter. Not only is it a soft landing place for toddlers and pets in the morning, but your carpet also serves as a silent protector of your indoor climate. All carpet fibers are potential dust traps for pollutant particles and allergens. As with any filter, regular cleaning is necessary to maintain its performance.

This is the clever part. A dirty rug can reverse its original function. In fact, instead of trapping particles in the carpet’s fibers, they can begin releasing them into your air every time you step on it. Here’s where things get complicated: indoor air pollution (IAQ), the quality of which we breathe, plummets when carpets become unclean. IAQ, or indoor air quality, is a weather report which affects health, comfort and happiness.

Expert carpet cleaning Killara is what you need. Regular vacuuming may be essential but skipping dental visits is the same thing as not brushing the teeth. See, a professional clean goes deeper than merely vacuuming. It removes deeply embedded villains and other contaminants that are not easily removed by a regular cleaner.

The air that we breathe is full of these dust particles. No home should be an air-tight bubble, but keeping carpets clean is one way to improve breathing.

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