You Need To Know The Following About Asian Eyelid Surgery

For the best outcome from an Asian eyelid treatment, your surgery should be tailored to suit your needs, your goals, and your face.

Asian blepharoplasty is an eyelid procedure that uses a specific technique to enhance the eyelid shape in Asians. Asian blepharoplasty is also called Asian canthoplasty. Double fold surgery and Asian blepharoplasty are two different procedures. No single method is standard. Ignorance is not recognizing the variety of eyelids and eyes, continue reading.

Some people think that Asian double-eyelid surgery is intended to “westernize” the eyes. It’s not the case. It is important to achieve a more aesthetic eyelid.

You can achieve the best results by choosing a treatment method that requires minimal surgery. The tissue will be preserved as much as possible. A less aggressive, more controlled technique will give you the best result and allow for a faster recovery.

How can I find the best Asian eyelid surgeon for me?

Even the best eye surgeons can’t say that Asian eyelid surgery and other eyelid procedures are exactly alike. You will be advised by your most experienced plastic surgeon which plan of treatment is the best fit for you based on factors such as facial structure, eyelids or desired results. Your doctor is trying to give you the treatment you deserve.

It is important that your doctor has experience with treating different problems. You should also look for a physician who has demonstrated natural results, both before and following surgery. Take a look at the before-and after pictures and ensure that your doctor individualizes every procedure.

Your doctor should be able to perform medical eyelid procedures for conditions like basal carcinomas, ptosis or eyelid reconstruction. This expert will check that the procedure for your eyelids is harmonious with your facial characteristics.

Asian eyelid procedures performed by a properly trained oculoplastic doctor can improve your looks and give you more confidence. If you are interested in Asian blepharoplasty, it is important that your cosmetic surgeon has experience with oculofacial surgeries.

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