Women’s Fragrance: Secrets to choosing the perfect fragrance

Has the overwhelming number of fragrances you encounter in perfumeries ever left you feeling confused? When we discuss how to select the perfect perfume for women, at ESNC Perfumery you will realize that every fragrance has a distinct story. Finding the right scent to match your personality and story is an important art.

Imagine that you’re an artist. Each scent is a unique shade in your palette. The canvas is you. Like colors, certain scents can transform your mood and feelings. At ESNC we’ve created a place where these scents are just waiting to be found by discerning nostrils.

Selecting a scent is like taking a voyage of self discovery. Not just choosing an aroma is important. The essence of you is what matters. What memories would you most like to recall? It could be the soothing aroma of your garden as a child, or even the salty breeze that you enjoyed on your beach vacation.

To begin this journey, explore the various fragrance families. Flowers have a romantic feel, with notes like rose, lavender or jasmine. The orientals are the perfect choice for those who want something bolder. Their warm, spicy, vanilla, amber or musk essences will make you feel more confident. To give a sense of groundedness and earthiness, choose woody fragrances that are infused in cedarwood, sandalwood, or even patchouli.

Dry downs are also very important. Even though a perfume’s scent might be appealing at first, it is only after a few spritzes that its true characteristics are revealed. This happens when the fragrance fuses with your individual body chemistry. At ESNC our friendly consultants help guide you, ensuring your fragrance will continue to enchant you hours after you apply it.

It’s not just the fragrance notes that are important. Each story is equally as powerful. Each fragrance is a unique story, crafted with expert perfumers. They are waiting to have you become a member of their tale. It’s possible to find one which transports you into a Moroccan marketplace or Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival.

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