The Combi-ovens

Combi-ovens are the most versatile equipment in today’s commercial kitchen. They are considered by most chefs as a’must-have product’. Over the last 30 year, it has evolved from simple manual ovens offering convection, steam or a combination of these three cooking methods to multi-programme ovens featuring cutting-edge technology like Electrolux Touchline Air O-Steam ovens. Visit us?


The versatility and benefits of the combi-oven are undisputed. Combination ovens, which are powerful and efficient, can achieve multiple cooking processes including roasting/poaching, grilling/steaming, baking and steaming with exceptional results. High-tech combi-ovens make it possible to reduce shrinkage and use less energy. This results in substantial savings for the operator. Andy Bridgeman is the Sales Director at Akro Limited. He says, “Combi ovens are great because they have so many uses. You can use them in all kinds of ways from baking bread to roasting chickens. The ovens are able to accommodate complete menus.

A Combination Oven

While there is an abundance of ovens available to caterers and chefs today, only two brands stand out as market leaders: Rational UK (Electrolux Professional) and Rational UK (Rational UK). It is important that you choose the right oven. An oven is an investment. You want to achieve perfect results while also being able to save them and create stored menus. Choose a leading brand. If you’re looking for a basic convection or steam oven, don’t pick a combi. Both manufacturers offer a wide range of ovens, which can be used in manual or programmable mode to suit any type of operation. These ovens are great for large scale banquets using a cook chill and small restaurants that wish to make the most of their multi-functionality.

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