There are 4 major mistakes that people make when it comes to perfume

It’s hard to find anything that compares with the pleasure of wearing perfume. But we are all humans and can be guilty of making savage mistakes with the way we use perfume.

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1. You may be wearing your favourite fragrance too much

Wearing a fragrance every day for a week will make it seem humdrum. You’ll notice this after around a week, so make sure you wear your favourite perfume only once every two weeks.

2. Storing perfumes out in the sunshine

As light can rapidly destroy many ingredients in perfumes, leaving them on a dressing table next to a window will quickly render your favourite fragrances useless. Store your perfume in a cool and dark place.

3. Rubbed wrists

While it is common for people to spray their perfumes on one wrist and then rub them on the opposite, this practice can accelerate the evaporation process of volatile top notes. The result may be a fragrance that’s a little off. You won’t be able to increase the longevity of your scent by spraying it on each wrist.

4. You can’t mix too many fragrances

Combining fragrances with the wrong results is easy. As even your shampoo or moisturiser is likely to include fragrances, finding the perfect balance can prove more challenging than expected. Look for scents in products that are similar to or neutral with your perfume.