Metal Plating Companies Are Going Green

Metal plating website is a major contributor to environmental degradation, according to many. While each person has their own reason to doubt this, statistical data from various studies seem to support the claim. The good news is that despite the ‘unpopular’ image of this industry, many metal plating firms are now working towards going green. They are setting up standards to create a greener and cleaner environment.

Many companies have made the required changes to achieve a greener and cleaner environment. These measures are a “milestone” undertaking that others can follow.

Metal plating companies are committed to environmental protection.

‘Improvement on general housekeeping’

To reduce the contamination of the bath, metal plating companies keep their plating environments clean. They have also switched to corrosion-resistant tanks from the old ones.

“The Use of Additives”

Additives are also used to reduce waste and aid in the plating of metals. Wetting agents and non-chelated chemicals are some of the additives that can be used.

‘Equipment enhancement’

Many metals companies are committed to being green and continue to improve their equipment for plating, etching, etc. Replace old machines with ones that use less fuel or electricity. The equipment enhancement not only helps in controlling pollution, but also prevents contamination of the bath process and prolongs its life.

‘Chemical substitution’

These metal plating firms also use alternative chemicals for the process of metal plating. For example, these companies replace cyanide-based metal plating processes with other non-cyanide based methods. The goal is to reduce the toxic wastes produced by chemicals.