Junk Removal Company vs Dumpster Rental?

The old year is over and we have a brand new president. Now is the perfect time to organize and declutter your valuable home true towing. You will feel great when you clear out all the junk that may be in your attic or yard, basement, garage etc. There are many ways to remove junk. Hire a dumpster to dispose of your garbage.

Rental of a container for one week costs between $250 and $400. The dumpster company will deliver the container to your driveway or lawn. You may think this is a great idea, except that you’ll have a large container in your yard or driveway for the next week. It will take you a lot of time to haul and carry all the junk to fill up the dumpster. Also, the price of the dumpster is the same regardless of whether you fill it up or not.

It is better to hire a junk removal company that uses eco-friendly methods to haul and remove junk. Before they arrive, they will give you an estimate by phone. They will arrive with a box truck. You just show them your trash and the crew will load and haul away all of it. Most junk removal services charge by weight and volume. On average, one garage can be filled with junk in a 14 foot box. Hiring a reputable company to remove waste has another advantage: they recycle everything they can. This includes old furniture, appliances scrap metals construction debris paper plastics etc. They know what recycling centers will accept certain items, such as paint, batteries, hazardous materials, etc. They will take away almost anything. Hazardous materials may be charged a bit more because of the extra fees they pay for certain disposals.