Self Storage: Security Features

There are certain features to look for when searching for a storage unit. Many people are concerned about the price, services and location of the unit, but they overlook the security. They can be at risk for thefts, break-ins, and even lost items. It is costly to rent a storage facility that has poor security.

This is a list of the features that you should consider before buying a unit.

It is important that the fence and boundary wall are clearly marked and enclosed. For fencing, you can use brick or metal. Metal fencing provides a better level of security, safety and privacy than brick wall fences. It is important that the fencing be tall enough to keep out criminals. Security personnel should monitor entry or exit points 24/7 by rotating – helpful hints.

Self Storage Units must have a security system that includes theft alarms as well as CCTV and fire cameras. The storage unit must have adequate lighting and motion sensors in the darkest corners. Memory should be sufficient for the system. It is important that the surveillance system be available to those reviewing, monitoring and upgrading it.

Self storage units must all have their own lock system. For security purposes, it is important that the operator maintains a list of users with copies of their keys. Only registered users should have access to the self-storage facility.

Even a self-storage facility can be affected by natural catastrophes. This is why it’s so important to get a comprehensive policy. It will protect your most valuable possessions. Protect your valuables from natural disasters with just a few dollars extra. All self-storage providers are not the same. You can ask them questions about their services and features.