Piano Buying Guide

When purchasing a new keyboard, the process can get confusing. There are many options when it comes to brands and models. In order to help you decide the best way possible, I prepared a buying guide for a new keyboard. Get more info?

Consider buying a used keyboard if your budget is limited. Keep in mind that pianos last an average of 40 years. If properly maintained, a piano of high quality could prove to be a good investment.

Buy a piano that is higher than expected. The instrument will help you grow. It is not a good idea to buy an inexpensive used piano. It will be difficult to play if the piano is of low quality.

Measure the space where you will place your upright piano. The space in which you intend to place your upright piano should be measured. Upright pianos require a space of 5 feet by 2 and a half feet, plus an additional 2 feet for the seat or bench. Grand pianos can be anywhere between 5-9 ft in width and 2 feet to 9 feet in depth (plus an extra two foot for the pianist or bench). A change in humidity and temperature can affect the tone of an instrument. It is best to keep the piano out of direct sunlight, air conditioning or radiators.

To better shop, do some research at home. Learn the lingo and your own needs. Then, visit three or more piano stores to make your final decision.

You can avoid being rushed by telling yourself you will not buy a grand-piano in the very first store that you enter. You should take your time and test out as many different instruments as possible. You should be able to distinguish between the pianos’ different sounds, textures and qualities. After that, you will be able to choose which piano you prefer.

Consult a certified pianist technician. Let an experienced technician check the piano after you have inspected it in person and made your list. The technician can help you save money if the piano mechanism turns out to be less than expected.

When buying a keyboard, make sure to check out the maintenance and warranties. Do the parts and labor are covered by warranty? The warranty can be transferred when you decide to sell the piano. Can the store provide maintenance? Finally, when you are negotiating the price, be sure to include at least one service, free shipping and a seat.

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