Buy Silver Jewelry Quickly and Easily

Orlando Jewelers supplier state that they stock only the best and authentic silver. This is not always true. If you’re planning to go shopping, either online or at a physical store, buying genuine silver jewellery is the best option. It is easy to fall victim to a false piece of jewelry if you do not have a good idea on how you can verify that your silver jewellery is genuine.

You need to be able to check the authenticity of silver coins. You can do this in a few different ways. This guide will explain how you can verify authenticity. You can now spot genuine pieces with ease after reading this guide.

Find out the purity of silver

You can identify the level of purity to determine if your piece is genuine. The test is needed because sterling silver does not contain pure metal. This alloy is made by mixing silver with another metal that’s more resistant. It is stronger than silver standard, which is extremely soft and difficult to work with. We use “engineered Silver” in our jewelry to improve durability and functionality. The purity test is crucial. The number “925” is usually found on sterling pieces that are authentic. The number “925” indicates the silver content in this alloy, which is among the highest on the market. This number should be on your jewellery if you are buying a genuine product. Your piece will need to be authentic if it is anything different.

Watch for the hallmarks

The best way to verify your jewelry’s authenticity is by looking for silver-grade specs or hallmarks. Genuine silver jewelry is marked with special markings that identify it as authentic. They are often hidden inside the jewelry, and they can be very small.

If you want to identify the hallmarks quickly, it is best to use magnifying glasses and work in bright lighting. When you buy a silver item, inspecting it for the hallmarks is a great way to ensure that the product meets your standards. You will be able to verify authenticity. The real sterling silver will be marked either with “925”, or “STERLING”.

EPNS may indicate that you have purchased low quality jewelry. EPNS means “electro plated nickel silver.” It is not genuine silver. Instead, it is nickel-plated to make the appearance of silver. It will be easier to deal with pure because of its malleability. This means pure silver appears to be soft and easily bendable.