Carpet Cleaning – Wet or Dry?

You may be surprised, but carpet cleaners are not limited to just one cleaning technique click resources. There are two types of cleaning methods. One is “wet”, the other “dry”. People are always curious about the differences. Although the difference between the methods is mostly that one method requires more water, there are a few additional steps. You must vacuum the carpet prior to using either method. Vacuuming carpets first will make cleaning easier.

Cleaning with Water Our first cleaning method is the wet one. The term wet means that the methods that use a lot of water are used. Steam cleaning and hand washing are both options.

Shampooing is the process of washing your carpet. The machine sprays the foam onto the rug. This action stirs-up the dirt. Shampoo traps dirt once it is stirred. Vacuum your carpet after it has dried. The dried-up shampoo removes dirt, stains or other contaminants that have been stuck on the carpet fibres.

Steam cleaning is also referred to as “wet carpet” cleaning. Steam cleaning uses hot water in combination with detergent. This helps to loosen any dirt. This will help to loosen the dirt.

Dry cleaning This method involves massaging the powdered solution into the carpet’s fibers. Powder is mostly detergent, solvent (to dissolve it) and absorbent. Powders contain a small amount (less than 1%) of moisture. Powders that have a unique composition are effective cleaning agents. This powder is then vacuumed off the carpet after it has sprinkling on it.

Dry-cleaning can be used for a variety of surfaces. Dry cleaning does penetrate less than traditional wet cleansing. Faster is one of the biggest advantages. It can take between 12 and 24 hours for the cleaning solution to fully dry. It is a bit slow to dry. As previously stated, it is intense and thorough. The wait is worth it.

Cleaning Process Most cleaners will follow a procedure similar to that outlined here. They will inspect the surface being cleaned and identify the dirt types and stains that are present.

After vacuuming, they remove as much “easy-to-remove” dust as possible.

After vacuuming the rug, they apply a cleaning agent. It will emulsify all suspended dirt, biomaterials and dust.

After this, agitate all areas with foot traffic. This helps loosen up dirt.

After vigorous agitation the solution is rinsed out. It does not leave residue on the fabric. The stain-remover will be used when there are persistent stains. In order to get the best results from spot removers, it may be necessary to “dwell in” certain areas. After the period of time is up, rinse out the carpet with water to remove the spot removers.

After cleaning out all the dirt and stains from the carpets, many people spray a product similar Dupont Teflon Advanced Fiber Protection for Carpets. Many people suggest this optional option.
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