The Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires

Adam Khoo is my guest today. Adam Khoo, the man behind Singapore’s most renowned and respected training firm, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group offers courses in personal development to professionals, entrepreneurs and students. Tupperware is a corporate supplier to American International Insurance as well as Prudential. Adam Khoo, who is 26 years old now, has already become a billionaire, read here.

You will be inspired by what I have learned.

What are the chances of becoming a multi-millionaire

Adam shares with us in his book the secrets to becoming a millionaire. The common perception is that, in years past, it was simpler to become millionaire. Since the last few decades, many more people than ever have achieved millionaire status. If YOU want to, you can become a millionaire TODAY.

It’s important to read. Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires should be read by anyone who is interested in Internet Marketing, and especially if they want to make money online. This book provides us with the fundamentals of Internet Marketing.

You cannot overstate how important reading is. We should read to understand concepts and how to earn more money.

Before Adam’s books, i read only 1 or 2 book a month.

As soon as I finished reading the book, “Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires”, my interest grew. I began to read anything and everything about how money could be made.

First thing I’ll look for is bookshops when I walk into a shopping mall. Bookshops are where I tend to spend about half my shopping time. A book that I am interested in is one I would not hesitate to buy. Many people spend thousands of dollars for luxuries, such as mobile phones, clothing or DVDs and Music CDs. They purchase them without a second thought. Books are a purchase they hesitate to make. They’ll keep thinking. Why do you think that is? Why call these assets assets? Why do you refer to them as assets? Books, such as those about self-improvement and moneymaking, are a great way to learn new things, but they can also help you earn money. Because of this, I think books are an asset.