How to dry-clean carpets

Dry cleaning can be used to clean your carpets and keep them looking good get the facts. It is also a good option if there are specific stains on the carpet that you would like to remove. Powders sprinkled onto carpet might not immediately come to mind as a carpet cleaner. They may still be your best option, but for several reasons.

Powder is used by most dry carpet cleaners to absorb stains or odors. If given time, these powders will absorb even tough stains. Because they are so simple to use, you can apply the powder and leave it to dry before cleaning it. This method of cleaning is more effective than using soap and warm water to scrub the surface.

In terms of carpet cleaning, dry methods are often superior. Many people aren’t happy with the smell that comes from wet carpet-cleaning methods. If you’re evaluating the options available, consider powder-based dry carpet cleaning. Powder removes stains completely and leaves no lingering smell. Dry carpet powders work great on food stains, grease spots, and other stains that are hard to remove using liquid cleaners.

You can also clean your carpet with a dry cloth. In many cases the affected area is sprinkled powder which you apply and scrub. After 30 minutes the residue can easily be removed with a vacuum cleaner or by picking up clumps. This is the best method, even if you do have to scrub. You’ll save time and work. Why spend extra time on cleaning your carpet? Why not dry carpet powders instead? These products will do the hard work for you.
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