Alcohol Inks: A Popular Art Form

The popularity of alcohol ink paintings, a relatively new style, is exploding check my blog. Artists of all levels love the fluidity, vivid colors and unexpected patterns. Jiu Jiing Mo Shui Hua is all about spontaneity, and breaking from the norm.

Alcohol inks, unlike other media, flow easily on non-porous surface. The inks wander and merge at random. This unpredictability makes the process fascinating. Ink is fluid, it moves and interacts. Its patterns are similar to galaxies and rivers or veins in marble.

With a sealant, watercolor paper can be used. However, many artists prefer Yupo paper, ceramic tiles or glass sheets. Watercolor paper can be sealed, but many artists prefer Yupo papers, ceramic tiles, metal sheets, or glass. Each surface reacts to ink differently. Yupo paper allows for more control and can guide the ink more precisely. The ink behaves whimsically when applied to tiles or glasses, which can lead to interesting abstract creations.

Even though alcohol ink appears to be a whim, the artist retains control. It’s the exact opposite. Artists are able to control the flow of ink, blend colors or remove it using straws, brushes or blowers. In this art form, blending solutions, such as isopropyl, can be used in order to dilute colors, create vibrant effects, or brighten the ink. A splash or droplet can cause the ink to bloom and create vibrant bursts of color or delicate tendrils.

It is impressive how this art form can create layers and depth. Once one ink-layer dries, a second can be applied. This layering gives a sense of depth by creating the illusion that you are looking through a clear water at the colors, patterns and designs below.

Because it is liquid, alcohol ink requires patience. Colors may change drastically as the alcohol ink dries. It is important that the artist be flexible. They may need to rework and finish the piece several times.

Alcohol ink paintings are trendy, but they’re rooted in ancient methods and beliefs. Eastern watercolors don’t strive for perfection, but rather celebrate the mediums’ natural flow. It’s relaxing to watch the ink flow and interact. For many artists, it is just as beautiful as the final piece.

Alcohol ink paintings are a kind of dance between the artist and ink. It celebrates the unexpected and finds perfection in imperfection. Each piece tells a unique story. Artists and art lovers will find alcohol ink painting to be a captivating medium.