Crystal for Healing

Crystals are pretty rocks. They come in many different colours, such as pinks and blues. These make great paperweights. But how can the old hunk of rock you purchased on impulse from a store that smelled too strong of incense help you? For one, you could use a real moldavite crystal as a healing tool.

Crystals, just like Aladdin’s lamp, are more than they seem. Babylonians discovered their secrets through the writing of parchment on parchment. Cartier and Tiffany’s are still a testimony to our obsession with gems and crystals. It could be that we treasure them more because of the way they make we feel than what we realize.

Scientists will tell any true scientist that crystals have the same energy or charge as the human body. All this energy is free! Think of all the possibilities. It can alter the molecular structures or liquids of water, emit vibrations and even be photographed to show the crystal’s energy field. Crystals are not used to transmit or transduce energy in televisions, computers, and watches. Instead, they can be used to heal, attune and calm the mind, and even create.

An imbalanced energy body, aura or the chakras of you, or me, has a direct affect on our physical bodies. Muscle aches, acne and arthritis are just a few examples. Three easy steps will allow you to use the unique properties of a crystal to help your body transmute or amplify certain aspects.

1. Your crystal selection

There are many crystals, and not all of them are the same. This is why it is important to research what your needs are before you choose one. Just like diamonds. Cut, colour clarity, size and cut all matter. It is important to remember that a crystal that is raw and not polished has just as much power. Read a lot to find out what you’re looking for. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t lose sight of your intuition! !

2. Cleaning and charging your crystal

There are many different ways to cleanse your crystal. My favorite method of cleansing crystals is to place them in a bowl with water and allow them to dry outdoors during the waxing moon nights. Another popular method is for it to be placed in a cluster clear quartz crystals or amethyst crystals, and left there for 12 hrs. It is important to remember that your crystal is always absorbing outside energy, so it must be regularly cleaned for optimal use.

3. Learn more about your crystal

Although crystals can be very powerful, you should learn more about its strengths and how it got there. While it may seem like you bought it, the stone has an energy and vibration that is unique to your life. Your healing will be much easier if you learn more about the energy flow.


Confidence. Use Carry to meditate with Green Jasper. This stone stimulates the heart chakra which gives strength, courage and blood circulation.

Rejuvenation. Red garnet can be a powerful energy-boosting stone. Put a garnet into a glass with water and let it sit for at least one minute before you drink. This will give you an energy boost that will last all day.

Relaxation While you’re asleep, it is possible to use 8 amethyst-colored crystals as a way to promote general healing. These crystals aid in meditation and relaxation. Find the best layout for you by trying different layouts.

Take out the crystalline paperweight and have some fun with your crystals.