Fence Contractors and Fencing Companies: What to Look for

It is just as important to choose the best fencing contractor as it is the type of fence you want when you install a new fence. While it may seem tempting to select the first fencing company found in the telephone book or via an Internet search you can find, you’ll get better results by taking a more systematic approach. Six key tips for evaluating fence companies and selecting the best professional to work on your project are listed below. Continue reading?

1. Many general contractors will claim they are able to build your fence. You will get better results working with someone who is specialized in fence installation. The fencing contractor will have a better understanding of the options available to you, regardless of whether you are looking for an iron fence around a swimming pool or if you need secluded privacy in your backyard. The contractor will also have the ability to deal with any problems that may arise. Expert fencing companies are also better able to interpret local laws and codes regarding fencing.

2. Consider several contractors. A reputable fencer will visit you at home to provide an estimate. Any company willing to quote you over the phone should be avoided. Scheduling a number of in-person meetings with fence contractors is a better option. Then, get the quotes written down so you can later compare.

3. Referencs are a great way to get in touch with satisfied customers. If the company can put you in contact with happy customers, it is worth checking with independent organizations such as Better Business Bureau. Also, you will want to ensure that the company is located in a real physical office (rather than operating out of your home or garage). Finally, ask how long the firm has been around.

4. ASK about licensing and insurance. No matter how little experience they have, anyone can claim to be a fencing contractor. Be sure that any contractor you choose is fully licensed and insured to prevent problems. It may appear that you can get a cheaper deal by selecting a fencing company with a lower reputation, but you might end up paying more later due to poor workmanship or an unlicensed, unreliable contractor.

5. Ask who is going to be doing the installation. A company with its own, trained staff will likely provide a much better service. They will likely have more reliable workers and be better trained. Communication will also be much easier.