What Does It Cost to Hire a Fence Builder?

The cost of hiring a contractor to build a fence is one of the main reasons that homeowners install their fence themselves. Most homeowners don’t bother to get an estimate because they think it would be too expensive. They estimate the number of materials needed and then set about doing all the work themselves. Read more?

How much will it cost to hire a fencing contractor?

The fence is usually not very expensive. Installing the fence is done by the contractor, not building it. Hardware stores sell the pre-assembled sections. The sections must then be attached firmly to the posts along your property’s boundary. The installation of the posts is the longest process.

It is the size of the yard that will determine the price of hiring a contractor to build a fence. Each fence section is eight feet in length and requires a concrete post to be placed at the joining points. More posts are required to hold up the fence. This means more holes have to dug, and concrete has to be mixed.

Gates are another option. Some yards might need more than one gate. Every gate is an additional expense. Gates that are larger, such as those for boats and vehicles, require extra reinforcement, and will therefore cost more.

The next factor is material. What type of fence do you prefer? A wooden, composite or aluminum fence, perhaps. The wooden fences are the most affordable and beautiful, but do not last very long. Aluminum fences will look nice and last for a very long time. Composite fencing is just as beautiful and looks like wood, yet it lasts much longer. Wrought iron can last for hundreds of years with proper maintenance.

The cost to install a fence will generally be calculated by measuring the length of the fencing. Hiring a contractor to build a fence will include the linear cost calculation, but also the costs of labor for installing the posts which support the fence. A fence contractor will cost more but they guarantee their work and assume all responsibility if something happens during the installation.