Telltale Signs – Is it Time to Give a Boost to Your Foundation?

Melbourne may have a vibrant and exciting arts scene. Its historic architecture is also enticing, click this link! There’s another side to Melbourne that lies beneath its vibrant facade: foundations keep our structures stable. While foundations are often taken for granted by us, sometimes they need our attention. When it comes to underpinning structures in Melbourne, many people wonder: what signs will indicate when the time is right? It’s time to play detective. Let’s find all the clues.

Mysterious Cracking Cases: The cracks we see on the wall or floor are not new. The foundation might send an SOS when cracks grow or multiply. And if you spot zig-zagging or diagonal cracks? You can think of it as a flashing neon warning sign stating, “Check foundation!”

Did you experience a window or door acting up? If you’re tempted to blame your humid weather or the fact that once, your nephew knocked it over and slammed on it, it could just be a sign of foundation changes.

If your flooring is uneven, or has a slanting surface: You might have felt as though you were walking downhill while in the living room. Or you may have seen a marble roll up faster. This effect does not come from a game. Your foundation could be singing.

This is more serious than a minor architectural issue. Foundation problems could lie at the root of the problem.

Basement Blues – Melbourne does get its share if rain. But a constantly damp or flooded foundation can be alarming. A foundation shift could be causing the water to take new paths.

Chimney Lean Dance. Is your chimney leaning slightly (or more than a little) to one side? There’s no attempt to sway to Melbourne beats; the foundation might be a bit off.