Keep Healthy and Breathe Easy: Pure Indoor Air and Spotless Carpets

Fresh and breezy may come to mind when you imagine living by the sea. The air inside can sometimes be anything other than fresh, and this is true even for places such as the Northern Beaches. Is your carpet one of the causes, more help? Your cozy, fuzzy carpet. Although investing in carpet cleaners northern beaches might appear to be an only aesthetic decision, there are deep connections between the air we breathe and our overall health. We invite you to join us for a fiber-filled adventure of discovery.

1. Carpets: the Grand Collectors

Imagine your carpet to be a large, soft net. From dust to allergens and pet dander, they trap it all. The particles are kept from circulating, but the accumulation over time can be quite disgusting.

2. Allergens for All:

If carpets are not regularly cleaned, trapped allergens may be released into the air. These can cause asthmatic flare-ups, sneezing and watery eyes. It’s not a pleasant indoor experience!

3. Your Moldy Matters

Carpets that are damp can breed mold. They don’t only make your house smell bad, but they also release spores that can trigger respiratory and allergy problems.

4. Chemical Connection

Freshly treated or new carpets can emit volatile organic compounds. In severe cases they can damage the central nervous systems and cause serious headaches. Cleaning regularly can reduce the compounds.

5. Bacteria Breakdown

Carpets can harbor bacteria from outdoor pollutants and food spills. You guessed it, these bacteria can cause harm when inhaled. Regular cleaning ensures your carpet isn’t a petri dish in disguise.

6. Breathing fresh:

Carpets that are clean act as filters, capturing particles and preventing them from becoming saturated. The air inside the home will be more consistently clean.

7. Detoxification:

A clean environment can contribute to your mental health. A cleaner environment means fewer allergens or pollutants, which can translate to healthier living and fewer days off work.

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