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Stock Trading Academy is a training academy for Professional Equity Traders. Professional Energy Traders. Professional energy traders. Training courses on Online Stock Trading are also available clicking here.

Group of experienced traders who worked previously with Merrill Lynch Barclay’s, & an energy-product trading fund based in Houston. Profitable traders, we are. Joining us is a great decision. In our trading, we use several successful strategies.

Your ideas will get implemented, and you can access the company’s capital. Research is yours to do and any idea you have for trading can be implemented.


1. You should be able to quickly follow rules

2. Fast learners are those who can absorb data quickly.

3. It is essential to be a good communicator (we succeed because we are able to communicate our ideas with the traders).

4. Be patient


1. Managers allocate capital to traders according to their knowledge level.

2. An investor who meets all the above criteria is capable of earning more than $125,000 within their first year.

This book will show you:

One day can be enough to improve your trading 100%.

Discover how to precisely pinpoint your entry points and targets for trading.

Professional traders share their secrets to successful trading

Trade more profitably with these secret management principles.

Use the 1-2-3 System to easily target your market.

What professional experts use that is not well-known

Learn from our trading strategies and improve your trading. We will place our traders next to you in the trading room during hours of trade. You’ll have our support and guidance. Our traders let you know if you will be making the right move before you do. It’s because of that our traders succeed. Share our expertise with us at any time. You are free to remain with us during our trading hours for as long you want.