Combi-Ovens: A Masterpiece in Baking and Pastry

Paragraph. When it comes down to baking and pastry art, the combi is a must-have tool for professionals. This unique combi oven combines steam and convection for a wide range of cooking options. With its unique combination of steam and convection, the combi-oven unlocks a world of possibilities, allowing for precise control and creations such as delicate pastries, delicious cakes and crusty artisanal bread. Read this?

A combi oven’s versatility is ideal for both baking and making pastries. Its versatility allows the combi-oven to be used in many different ways. Bakers can use the steam mode to create crisp crusts while using the convection setting for even heat distribution. The combination setting combines steam with convection to give you a bakery treat that has a crispy crust, and also consists of wholesome crumb.

Its ability create an ideal baking environment makes the combi oven a key baking tool. With precise control over humidity and temperature, bakers are able to create professional-quality baking results. By adding steam before baking, breads and other pastries will develop an airy texture with a nice rise. The baking process can be adjusted to ensure delicate pastries are flaky, like puff pastries or croissants.

This versatile oven is more than just a traditional baker. Baking and pastry chefs can explore a wide range of options, including flavors, textures and cooking techniques. The combi oven allows professionals in baking to take their craft to new heights. They can steam dough to get perfectly-shaped bagels, or use the humidity settings to produce exquisite meringues.