An Eyelid Surgery With Two Functions

Some people may not be aware that eyelid surgery has two functions. While most are aware of the popular plastic surgeries, like breast augmentation and facelifts. If your eyelids are too sagging, wrinkled, or have excess fat, then eyelid surgery is the best option. It may not be the most popular cosmetic surgery, but some patients use it to correct drooping eyelids – discover more.

Medical professionals call eyelid surgery by the name of blepharosplasty. The 1880s saw the invention of this surgery to correct deformities due to cancer. Following the Second World War, eyelid surgery became increasingly popular among returning injured soldiers. It is only in recent years that eyelid surgery became an elective procedure. The most common way that eyelid surgery is performed is in combination with other cosmetic procedures, such as face and brow lifting.

Patients who elect to combine these procedures can recuperate more quickly than if they had two separate procedures. This combined procedure creates a more dramatic effect, because many patients seeking a brow and face lift desire a more youthful look. The eyelid procedures can improve this. However, plastic surgery may not be effective on all eyelids that have wrinkles or droop. The first thing to do when correcting puffy or wrinkled eyelids is usually a surgery.

While laser surgery and dermal fillers can also be used to improve eyelid appearance, these treatments do not last as long as a surgical procedure. Some patients may choose this procedure if they don’t wish to undergo surgery. Droopy eyeslids are called ptosis. It can be caused either by eyelid muscle weakness or damage. It can lead to poor vision, which is why many people undergo reconstructive surgery to restore their vision. Fascinatingly, only upper eyelids are used for eyelid reconstruction. Surgery on lower eyelids tends to be strictly cosmetic in most cases.

Many options are available to help you achieve a more youthful appearance. You can do this for cosmetic reasons or to reconstruct your eyelids. This procedure is best combined with another surgical procedure to get the best results.