There are different phases of carpet cleaning

The popularity of floor coverings has led to a change in how people clean their rugs. Cleaning rugs used to be as simple as scrubbing the rug with a mixture of baking soda and water.

Things have changed a lot in recent years. Many people have developed a variety of methods to keep their carpets clean, find out more?

When cleaning floor coverings, there are several phases to be completed. This is a very sensitive item in your home that should be treated with care.

You run the risk of damaging your carpets if you don’t follow the correct phases. You should therefore remember the phases to maintain your carpets in their best condition.

First Phase

The pretreatment of the carpets is included in this phase. It may seem like a useless step but it is actually the most important cleaning step. It is important to condition your rug so that you can clean it effectively.

In the first step, the floor coverings are sprayed with or dusted with specific chemicals that help clean the rugs. This allows the dirt, grime, and soil which have been trapped in the carpets and floor coverings to be reemerged and lifted. The particles will be easier to remove.

Any cleaning chemicals should be only used with the guidance of an professional carpet cleaner Sydney.

Second phase

In this phase, the actual cleaning process is performed. This stage will include the removal of the soil that has reemerged. There are different methods of cleaning floor coverings, but to be sure that you are aware, only three processes are performed in Carpet Cleaning Sydney Inner West.

Dry extraction would be followed by hot water extraction and cold water extract. They are usually used for specific types of cleaning floor coverings. You should first determine the best technique for cleaning the floor coverings.

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