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Daniel Cristian Chiriac is a Romanian artist who paints with oil on canvas. He prefers realism or surrealism. Chiriac, after a period of abstraction (before 2006), rediscovered beautiful paintings by the old masters. As he became more interested in old masters’ techniques, Chiriac gradually abandoned abstract art and began to paint surrealism. He also painted fantastic realism. His time is devoted to his wife, his daughters, and his art. He shares his personal experiences as an artist, complete with wit and perspicacity. Get more info!

Can you tell us the background story of the two works that are most important to you, “Till the End of Time” and “The Last Love of Don Juan?”

It’s less about the stories behind these paintings than it is that they are two of my favorites.

The painted poem “Until the end of Time” was written for my dear lady Daniela. My painting was created using her as a sitting model.

This picture represents the passing of time. All that matters is the love, which has to be maintained over the years.

It is my first conscious attempt at dealing with the golden ratio. Never before or since have I done this many calculations for one composition. You’re telling me that mathematics is not love? My love is math… Daniela teaches mathematics.

For the second picture, I had been thinking about it for several years before starting to paint. This title was on a street sign. This was an obscure theater play. It’s a theater play. I haven’t seen it, so the only thing that my composition shares with it is its title. The title was the source of inspiration for the entire story.

What if Don Juan did not go to Hell after his “last love”?

This question was viewed with an optimistic, pre-raphaelistic view, not a postmodern or pessimistic one. (If postmodern, then I would need to have thought about Don Juan’s very last love, as it says in the title: the last..So, this is the last of Don Juan’s loves. It’s as if Don Juan knew that it was the last love and thought about his thoughts. Let’s get back to the story!