Are you looking to make a career in Accounting and Finance? You have the potential to make a career out of accounting

The opportunity may exist to join the accounting or auditing professions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational forecast Handbook, 2008–09 Edition, strong job gains are expected for the accounting industry between 2006 and 2016. Accounting jobs are expected to grow at 18 percent between 2006-2016. This is faster than average for all occupations. The 10-year forecast for the accounting industry predicts nearly 226,000 additional jobs. Strong growth is expected in the accounting and auditing fields due to economic expansion, changes in financial law, and stricter corporate governance. There will be more opportunities for accountants due to the increased scrutiny of accounting practices, mergers, and other events that are expected to lead to greater financial reporting standards. There will be an increase in demand for accountant jobs to improve accountability within government agencies. According to the Handbook, people with a master’s in accounting or higher will be able pursue a career of auditors and accountants, find here.

What jobs are available for accountants and auditors alike? Auditors and accountants have many roles. Auditors and accountants play many different roles. They provide financial analysis and verification services to clients. Individuals, governments, non-profit organizations, corporations and other entities could all be clients. The job duties of an auditor, accountant, or auditor will vary depending on the job.

What career opportunities are there in accounting? There are four main areas of accounting and auditing: public administration, government auditing or internal auditing.

Public accounting jobs are now available. These public accountants provide a wide variety of financial consulting services including taxation, auditing, and accounting. The public accounting profession involves providing services to clients, such as advising them on tax issues and preparing their income tax returns. Auditors external are responsible for reviewing financial statements to confirm that they were properly prepared. Public accountants are usually certified as Certified Public Accountants. They can work independently, or with public accounting firms.

Management accounting jobs – Manager accountants analyze the financial statements at the companies they are employed. Management accounting jobs will require that you manage and maintain budgets and analyze financial information, create reports and manage company assets.