Start your Forex trading online in three easy steps

Following these steps will get you started with Forex trading.
The three most important tips to help beginners in currency trading
Tip 1 Select a reliable brokerage to provide this site trading platforms that you can trust.

A good Forex brokerage is not easy to come by. The broker I choose should be reputable and offer maximum leverage. provides live trading accounts with a capital requirement as low as USD250. features many different trading platforms like MetaTrader 4, Forex Trader, and Wireless Trading. Metatrader 4 remains my favourite because it has an easy-to-use interface and a stable connection.

Tip 2. Open up a Forex trading demo account to get started.

Demo accounts allows traders to practice trading live data. It is important that forex traders have the option of practicing trading with live data. Demo accounts are a great way to practice forex trading. The leverage is 1:100. A Forex broker’s leverage can be defined as a percent of your available funds. Depositing the same amount as you plan to deposit in your future account is a good idea. A minimum deposit of USD250 is required to start the demo account.

You can open an account after downloading MetaTrader 4, by clicking “File”. Enter your relevant information to open the account. Entering an email will approve your account. Immediately after creating your account, you will receive your login id.

Tip 3: Understand the fundamentals in Forex trading.

For beginners, trading can be difficult. By using Google or eBooks, you can do online research on currency exchange. The information you will receive about fundamental and technical analysis is invaluable. You can find many articles on the subject.

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