Start a Carpet Cleaning Business

Carpet cleaning is a great business opportunity for those who want to work for themselves and make their own decisions. Two key elements are required to start a business: a product to market and someone willing to purchase it. Although carpet cleaning isn’t rocket science, it requires knowledge about general carpet cleaning and stain removal as well as the limitations of your equipment – helpful resources.

There are three types of carpet cleaning: dry foam carpet cleaning, liquid extract cleaning, or hybrid liquid extraction that uses a bonnet to scrub the floors. Because it is the most economical, most carpet cleaners prefer to use liquid extraction. A business plan is essential for any business. You will need money to start a carpet cleaning company. Your business is equipment-based.

You’ll be surprised at the variety of carpet cleaning equipment available when you first visit a retailer to buy it. It is best to visit a local distributor of cleaning supplies and janitorial equipment, or go online to search for carpet cleaners and extractors. There are many kinds of carpet cleaning equipment available. Some of them include portable carpet extractors, truck-mounted carpet extractors, and carpet spotters.

Carpet spotters can be used to clean small spaces or areas that aren’t flat, such as cars, boats, and furniture. They are lightweight and portable and can remove small spills and stains. Mobile auto detailing is a great way to increase the services you offer in your carpet cleaning company. People will pay a lot for mobile auto detailing.

If you’re new to the cleaning industry, portable carpet extractors will be what you need. There are two types: portable walk-behind and tank and wand models. If you plan to clean a lot of carpets, a tank unit is the best choice. Tank units are versatile and can be used to attach carpet wands for many jobs. You can also get heaters for your tank extractors which will super heat the solution, which results in cleaner carpet. The price range for tank portable carpet extractors is usually between $1200 and $7000, but they are also available with many options.

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