Psilocybin side effects: A guide to navigating the psychedelic experience

Psilocybin is a psychoactive substance found naturally in mushrooms. It has been gaining attention over the past few years due to its possible therapeutic effects and its mind-altering properties. As with any strong substance, there are side effects to psilocybin. This article will discuss the side effects that psilocybin can have, and emphasize the need for responsible usage. Read more now on

Effects on the body:

Psilocybin may cause a number of physical effects. These side effects usually appear during the “trip”, and gradually subside once the effects have worn off. They may include the following:

Nausea: Many users experience nausea and may even vomit shortly after consuming psilocybin-containing mushrooms. It is called “shroom illness” by many and occurs most often in certain mushroom species.

Psilocybin and Dilated Pupils Psilocybin may cause a dilated pupil, which can lead to an increased sensitivity of the eyes to light.

An Increased Heartbeat: Some people may experience a temporary rise in their heartbeat or palpitations while on a journey. This can be unsettling, but it’s usually nothing to worry about.

Sweating Sweating is caused by a fluctuation in body temperature during travel.

Muscle tension: Users may feel uncomfortable or tense when traveling, particularly if they experience anxiety or stress.

Psychological Effects of

Psychological side effects are more severe and often vary between people. Some of these side effects are:

Psilocybin Hallucinations Psilocybin has been known to cause visual, auditory or even sensory hallucinations. Some people find these experiences awe-inspiring, while others are terrified.

Ego Decomposition: Many people report that they temporarily lose their self-awareness or sense of ego while on psilocybin. It can bring about feelings of transcendence and interconnectedness, but it can also cause disorientation and challenge.

Intense Feelings: Psilocybin has the ability to increase feelings such as joy, excitement, awe and fear.

Change in Time Perception: Users frequently report having a distorted sense of the time while on a journey, as minutes can feel like hours or even time is standing still.

Mystical and Spiritual Experiences Some people have profound spiritual or mystical experiences during their psilocybin trips, and this can leave a lasting impression on the way they view life.

Effects on the Long-Term:

Aftereffects and long-term mood or perception changes may occur in some people after a trip with psilocybin.

Recurring Flashbacks: Certain users experience recurring flashbacks, which are a reoccurrence or psychedelic experiences days, months, even weeks after their initial trip. These flashbacks may be disturbing.

Positive Effects: A number of users have reported positive changes to their moods, attitude, and behavior following a Psilocybin Experience. They can be characterized by increased interconnectedness and creativity as well as reduced anxiety or depressive feelings.

Negative Effects: Individuals may suffer from negative feelings or anxiety after an unpleasant trip.

HPPD risk: Hallucinogen persistent perception disorder (HPPD), a rare, but severe condition characterized by visual hallucinations and disturbances of vision long after using psilocybin. This disorder can have a major impact on your mental and daily well-being.

Reduce Harm and Use of Drugs with Care

It is important to prioritise harm reduction in order to reduce the risk associated with psilocybin and any potential side effects.

Try a Low-Dose Start: If psilocybin is new or unfamiliar to you, try a lower dose first to lessen the intensity and side effects.

Set up and setting: Make sure you are in a secure and comfortable place for the experience. Surround yourself by trusted friends that can offer you support when needed.

Screening for Mental Health: Before using psilocybin, you should consult with a medical professional if there is a mental history. Psychoactive substances can exacerbate certain conditions.

Mental State: Take note of how you feel before and after the trip. You need to be prepared to help you if your overwhelm starts to set in.

Mixing Substances is Not Recommended: Never mix alcohol with prescription medication or psilocybin. This can have adverse effects.

Keep Hydrated. Do not drink excessive amounts of alcohol or caffeine during your journey.

Avoid risky activities: While on vacation, avoid engaging in dangerous activities such as driving a car or operating heavy machinery.

Be Prepared: Create a detailed itinerary for your vacation, including the activities you will be doing and where to find a secure space. Stay away from unfamiliar and potentially dangerous environments.

Seek Professional Assistance: Contact a Crisis Hotline or seek immediate medical care if you or anyone you know is experiencing severe distress during a Psilocybin Trip.

You can also read our conclusion.

Psilocybin can be a strong psychoactive found in mushrooms. Its effects are unpredictable, but for many, they’re fascinating and transformational. It is important to be informed about the possible side effects of psilocybin and use it responsibly. While the research on the therapeutic uses of psilocybin is ongoing, caution and respect are essential when using it.

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