Odyssey of Aromas – A Rich Tapestry of Men’s Aromas

You can choose to wear a man perfume or a scent you feel speaks directly to your heart. The notes in each scent are harmonious, much like the notes of a symphony. This creates a masterpiece. ESNC Perfumery collection, renowned in the industry for its evocative combinations, brings us on a memorable journey. Continue?

Imagine awakening to the Mediterranean sunrise. The morning dew of citrus groves will sparkle under the golden rays. Zesty Soiree is a fragrance that captures this essence. The fragrance is citrus-dominated and offers notes like lemon, bergamote, and grapefruit. After a single spritz you will be transported on a journey to a sunny beach, complete with gentle breezes playing through your hair.

Aqua Alpine will give you the feeling of fresh spring air. A fresh scent with aquatic notes is combined with an airy mountain undercurrent. The perfect choice for those moments that you wish to experience nature at its best.

As we take a darker, more earthy turn, “Timber Tale”, the majesty of this fragrance, is revealed. With notes of cedar wood, sandalwood and a touch of pine, “Timber Tale” is warm, rooted, and filled with warmth. You’ll feel like you are in a cozy log home, complete with the roar of a fire and the howl of the forest.

It’s perfect for the man who is fascinated by the mysteries of the night. This is a scent that’s a rich tapestry with oriental notes. Resins like myrrh or frankincense blend seamlessly with spices, like clove and saffron. It is the scent equivalent to dancing a sultry, tango underneath a bright moon.

Also, don’t miss the alluring “Desert Mirage.” This perfume dances between a smoky warmth from oud and subtle amber hints. It conjures vast sand-dunes, the distant echoes of caravan bells or the stories of ancient Bedouin traveler.

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