Muffins: Another name for Yumminess

Muffins can often be made in a muffin pan or in a paper muffin cup. Muffins can be eaten warm or cold. They are often served with butter, Cheshire Cream or jam. Muffins, which are typically soft and originated from France, derive their name from the French moufflet (soft bread). You can see air fry english muffins for more information.

English muffins are another form of muffin. They are made with flat yeast dough, which is slightly raised and has many nooks. English style muffins are typically dryer in texture and baked on a hot griddle rather than in an oven. English muffins date back to the 10th-century when hoopy muffin rings, which looked like a ring of dough, were placed on the bottom or directly on the heat source. After the dough was cooked, the muffin rings were used to cool it and then it was cut when cool.

American-style muffins are different from English style muffins in that they use a batter instead of a dough. American muffins are free from yeast as a leavening agent. American style muffins were initially made from potash. Baking powder was only introduced around 1857. Baking powder was more affordable and easier than potash.

Mid-18th century saw the publication of the first muffin recipe. Muffins gained popularity quickly and could be purchased through mobile muffin sellers who roamed the streets selling freshly baked muffins.

United States muffins have become so popular that three states now have an official muffin. Blueberry muffins are Minnesota’s official state muffin. The 1986 corn muffin became the state muffin in Massachusetts. New York adopted an apple muffin as its official muffin choice in 1987.

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