Learn how you can make money online using 4 easy steps

Money is constantly in short supply due to rising living costs. Working 40 hours per week means that most of your income goes to paying bills. The rest is saved for a rainy night.

But we all long for a little luxury. There are many income opportunities online that can help you stretch your monthly spending budget. Read on to find out how you can make money online. Check this out!

1. Establish a blog/website

Affiliate marketing is an option. Your blog or website can be based on a niche that interests you or your expertise. Make new, interesting and original content. Promote it on social networking.

Once you have built a solid readership, you are able to monetize them. You can rent or publish advertising space, pay content or write paid reviews. There are many free platforms you can use to start.

2. Stock photography

People who are passionate about photography can make their hobby into a lucrative venture. You can even sell the photos that you take in your leisure time online. Designers, businesses and advertisers are always looking to find easily-available photos.

Fotolia.iStockphoto.ShutterStock. These are just a few of the stock photography sites where your work can be displayed. It is easy to register with them, upload your photos, and get paid. Each photo sold through the site is eligible for a payment.

3. Writing, translating and copywriting

It would be difficult to write, translate and provide copywriting services without including them in our list about how to make online money. Many website owners and businesses pay you to produce SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content. You should be able and able to craft search engine-targeted, coherent, and grammatically correct articles. Fiverr. Elance. iWriter. These are freelancing platforms where you can offer writing gigs and copywriting gigs.

You can earn money translating documents if there is a flair or ability in any language.

4. Tutoring –

Know someone who is an expert in that field? Students can benefit from your expertise in return for a payment. You don’t know where to start? Register at etutoring websites. Before becoming a registered teacher, you may need to take a certification exam.

Online tutoring includes helping students with homework, answering emails queries, and providing one-on-1 mentoring. After you have gained some confidence you can go on to lecture and webinars.

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