It is worth it to go far away for drug rehabilitation treatment

The number of men and woman who fly to rehab centers for residential treatment or inpatient care is increasing every day. These people are willing to sacrifice everything important in their life in order for them to tackle this terrible problem. How come? What makes them send the kids for 90 or even 60 days to their grandmother while they are 3,000 miles from home for treatment.

Why take off a full semester from school to travel 3,000 miles? Why would they leave work on medical grounds to take such a trip? go here?

The impact and magnitude of alcoholism or drug addiction is unmatched by any other disease. Other diseases (or any other term) do not affect the family and individual on such a broad, holistic basis. It is impossible to find another disease that affects the entire family.

A complete separation from one’s current reality is the best way to resolve and address each underlying component driving an addict/alcoholic behavior. It is important that the patient put everything on hold, including their children, spouse, family and friends, as well as finances, jobs, careers, social standing, or other aspects of life. The world of alcoholism and addiction treatment has a popular saying: “Whatever your put in front of recovery, will you lose.” You must prioritize your recovery over your family, kids and career. If you are a true addict, or an alcoholic these factors will simply not be able to keep your clean and sober.

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