How to remove stains and spots with DIY methods

It’s happened to all of us: the glass of red wine placed precariously on a table, and then falling onto pristine carpet. Perhaps it is a dollop pasta sauce that has retreated from your plate. Carpet Cleaning North Shore can be contacted for help, but there are times when DIY is more appealing. You’re ready to take on the cleaning cape! Take a look at the home remedies that can help you remove those irritating stains, helpful resources!

1. Club Soda – The Undersung Hero

Spilled beer or wine? If you spill any wine or beer, grab some club soda before you start to cry.

Technique: Blotch the area using club soda and a clean cloth. It may not be effective immediately. If this doesn’t happen, you can mix club soda with white vinegar. Spray the mixture on the affected areas. After 15 minutes of letting it rest, blot the area.

2. The Dishwashing Liquid is not Just for the Plates!

Our kitchen partner, dishwashing fluid, is a great solution to grease stains.

Technique: Add a drop or two of liquid soap to warm water. Spray the liquid or dab on to the stain. Buff until you see the grease lifting.

3. Shaving Cream: Fluffy Savior

The humble shaving cream works wonders for general stains.

Technique: Apply shaving cream directly on the stain. Let it set for around 30 minutes. Then, wipe it away using a white towel.

4. Freeze Gum

What if you brought the gum inside after having stepped on it? No need to worry.

Technique: Grab some ice from your freezer. For about 30 seconds, freeze the gum. After it solidifies, you can lift the gum using a teaspoon.

5. Make your own Deep Cleaning Solution with Vinegar & Baking Soda

To get a deeper, more refreshing clean in the kitchen, use these staples.

Spread baking soda on the carpet. Let it rest for about an hour. Then spray a mix of water and vinegar. When it stops bubbling, simply wipe off and let the area dry.

6. Iron Out Wax

It can feel like an absolute nightmare when candle wax drips.

Technique: Spread a piece of cloth over the wax. A warm iron is pressed over the fabric, which causes the wax to melt. Remove with ease.

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