How to make Craigslist ads stand out (in the right way)

Whether you sell a product or a services, your Craigslist listing must stand out from others. Craigslist has gained popularity over time and more Americans use it to list apartments for rent and sell products or services. Your postings must be unique and well written to stand out on the popular classified website. What can I do? You can get the best guide on Craigslist Poster.

In your headline, do not use all uppercase letters or lowercase letters. There are two types of mistakes sellers make when posting a Craigslist advertisement. It’s writing the entire heading in lowercase or uppercase. Both are unprofessional. Try to imagine you’re writing a title. It is possible to use a template like “2-Bedroom Apartment St. Louis, Private Parking – $800/Month,” for example. This format can be read easily without complicated.

Avoid using lengthy sentences and long paragraphs in your main description. Craigslist will allow you to describe your product or services. If you have an apartment to rent you should start describing it. This could lead to lengthy paragraphs and long sentences. These are not easy to read. Let’s start by summarizing what the apartment looks like. Simply put, your headline needs to be repeated. Then go into more detail about your service, product, or apartment. Bullet points are easier to read than traditional paragraphs.

Include photos. is full of listings without pictures. This is a major problem for buyers. Only exception to this rule is when you sell a service like freelance writing and babysitters. Pictures should be included if you’re selling a product or listing an apartment available for rent. This alone can make your listing stand out among the rest.

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