Great time to hunt for moldavites

Autmn came. It has become much more frequent, and it is raining more often. The sun only shines from time to time. It is not the most desired season. Read this!

The weather does not change with autumn. Also, agricultural activities also change. For the next season, farmers will begin plowing the land. New soil is brought to the surface, and ceratain sites also have other things. You will also find moldavites in the Terciary deposits near the surface.

The rain washes away the soil. The fields are covered with snow in winter. While the snow melts in winter, other “hunters”, however, have probably searched the fields previously. In summer, the fields are covered with crops. It is because of this that the best season to hunt for moldavites in the autumn is.

Good luck when you go moldavite-hunting…

It is thought to be the only known gem of “extraterrestrial” origin (not on this Earth) and it is associated with Star card of Tarot. It can also be linked to the Heart Chakra. Moldavite is a stone that encourages you to connect with your heart. Moldavite is a stone that allows us to feel the warmth and love of the heart. Wow! What a tiny powerhouse of multiplicity! It’s not surprising that it can be frightening at first. It is filled with energy that can be released and relinquished, which one should be ready for. Inviting one of these wonderful pieces into your life will already reflect that on some level. It is undoubtedly a celestial, “stone of transformation.” Not all stones are created equal.

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