Gemstone Energy Medicine – Essential for Complete Healing

Healing a condition, disorder or injury. Once you are completely healed, it is permanent. It will not return.

You must heal the energies connected to your condition important site. The body is just one part of any disorder, disease or injury. However, there are four basic types of energies. First, you need to identify negative thoughts and emotions that are related to the condition. Second, you need to heal your energetic counterpart. You must do this to experience complete healing. Both the physical as well as mental aspects can be addressed simultaneously.

Gemstone energy medicine is a powerful tool for healing. It is possible to heal and harmonize feelings and thoughts with gemstone energies. They also dissipate the unhelpful effluents. This is only possible with gemstone therapy. You can safely use gemstone medicine along with other healing modalities or medicines that aim to heal the body tissue.

We will then discuss how you can break down the emotional and mental ties that are associated with illness. Physical illness can be associated with negative emotions and thoughts. These thoughts and negative emotions can lead to stress which may increase the severity a condition. The effects of an extended illness, a sudden accident, or another serious condition include sadness, depressions, frustrations, anxiety and financial worries. Patients may experience a range of emotions following a diagnoses. More they suffer from their disease, more they have to face it. We tend to think about them when we are evaluating our own reality. One must avoid worry, stop worrying, and not imagine the worst.

Negative feelings and thoughts regarding illness or injury hover around a person, and they eventually seep through to the physical tissue. These negative thoughts and feelings can anchor themselves in tissue, which will cause changes. The type and location of the affected tissue will vary depending on an individual’s genetics, weaknesses, and other factors. Most often, Embedded Strain manifests as a swelling or hardening in the tissues. These include muscles and arteries. Muscle knots can be caused by more than just sitting all day at a workstation. They can also occur due to the way in which they are positioned. These conditions can be caused by sedentary living, but mental and emotional stresses are also factors. It’s difficult to relax if you don’t exercise or have massage therapy.

The treatment of feelings and thoughts may take more time than healing physical tissue, or relieving disease. It’s especially true when they aren’t acknowledged. Gemstone medicine acknowledges these aspects. These stones radiate the healing energies of therapeutic gemstones, which naturally enhances and balances emotional and psycho-spiritual energies. It is easier to recognize negative aspects in oneself. The energy of gemstones also helps people let go negative thoughts and emotions in order to allow room for positive feelings.

In order to heal the whole body, you must remove all disharmonious forces that have accumulated around and within affected organs or cells. The disharmonious effluent I’m referring to. Every tissue that has experienced trauma or pain will produce energy as a reflection of its health. It is designed to do so. The body is alerted to a problem by a disharmonious substance. When signals are detected by the body’s immune system for example, the amount effluent is reduced and the condition is healed.

When the body is under strain or has too many problems the signal flare could be partially or completely ignored. It may cause problems as it becomes louder, accumulates, or causes its own. It may interfere with your body’s natural healing abilities. Pressing or crowding an area in pain can also cause more damage. The accumulation of toxins must be removed so that healing energy does not become blocked.

You can also use gemstones in necklaces or poultices to clear unwanted energy. Some can be used for strengthening the immune system as well as vitalizing your body, so it’s able handle signal flares. This powerful tool can be used to clear out disharmonious waste. These natural remedies include edible pills imprinted by gemstone energies. These energies are combined in a remedy which can help you eliminate any unwanted energy or thoughts. This is why Energy Clearing GEMFormula may be the best advancement of gemstone energy medicine.

Healing of the energetic partner is critical for success. The energetic essence of every cell, organ, or tissue supports all functions. It does not matter which modality a physical organ is treated with, its counterpart could also be treated. Gemstone therapy may be used directly to treat its counterpart. The physical organ will then be healed by energetic methods. What will happen if all the cells or even the body is removed?

It was several years ago that I had to have my gallbladder removed after experiencing a number severe gallbladder attacks. That’s it? This should not have happened. The sharp pains on the side continued. Doctors told me they had removed my gallbladder for no apparent reason. My friend was also affected, and she is an energetic worker. She reminded us that each organ is paired with an energetic counterpart. I experienced pain until the opposite of the gall bladder was healed. I wasn’t allowed to take therapeutic gemstones into the hospital because I had other reasons for being there. These gemstones had the power to heal me in my mind.

The gemstone spheres contain highly concentrated geological containers. The healing energy is pure and sounds like a light. It was the energetic side that caused me pain. I imagined my gallbladder contained a bright, shining and luminous light. I felt a beautiful and peaceful sound emanating out of the light. I did this inwardly to communicate with my body’s gall bladder counterpart, and tell them why it was necessary to remove the organ and how that would benefit me. The gall bladder served me well and I am grateful for that.

This exercise helped heal my gallbladder. The pain decreased over time, and then vanished within two days. Nearly five years later, the pain has not returned.

My vision, when I developed gemstone energy therapy in 1980 was that it one day would be comparable to complementary healing techniques. I knew that gemstone healing medicine would transform medical care. Since I was only using therapeutic gemstone necklaces, I didn’t understand how this prediction could be realized. I was unable to imagine or accept that doctors could use gemstone necklaces in hospitals.

The ability to imprint gemstone energy in edible pills allows us to better understand premonitions. GEMFormulas are a great way for doctors to enhance their medical treatment. The Energy Clearing Formula can remove a great deal of disharmonious emotional and psychological energies that are the cause or exacerbate many health problems. The energy that is clouding the condition could make it difficult for doctors to diagnose and treat.

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