Forex Trading – An Income Source For Intelligent Investors

A source of our website income for investors is forex trading. Forex trading does not require a lot of capital and can produce unlimited income, depending on the strategies employed by the forex trader. Forex trading is a great alternative to shares trading.

1. It is necessary to invest a small amount.
Only USD250 is required to open an account. The majority of forex brokers offer “mini” and micro trading accounts. This will give beginners an overview of the market, and enable them to trade with more money. Forex trading is not possible using options, futures, and shares. The minimum amount required to trade forex is USD1000. A small amount of USD250 can help you double your profits per month depending on your trading skill and frequency.

2. Transaction cost is low
Clearing fees, stamp duties and government fees are not required for trading shares. Broker fees are not necessary, but we must still trade through brokers. The amount they receive for their services is called the bid-ask Spread. The price difference between buying and selling.

3. Trades are possible at any time during the day.
Forex market (or fx market) is open 24/7. If you are in Singapore or Malayisa, the forex market opens at 6 am on Monday and closes on Saturday. You can choose the trading hours that work best for you, no matter whether you are a professional or a homemaker. You can trade forex part-time without fully committing. You cannot do this if you are also trading other instruments.

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