Commonly Displayed Flags

There are many types of flags you can display read this. These flags can either be displayed on a flagpole or attached to a house with a flag stand. Flag pole installation costs are relatively low and simple so it is possible to get one if you do have one. A flag pole is not necessary. You can simply hang banner flags up on your own house. There are many options for flags. Three flags are most common and hang in American homes.

American pennants are the most widely used pennants Americans place on their yards and homes. The American pennant is famous for its 13 red and white stripes as well as the fifty white stars set against a dark blue background. Americans love to display this pennant to show pride for their home country. American patriotism is represented by the American pennant. Some Americans like to hear the pennant flap in the wind. This pennant is so popular that Americans love to have it on their homes.

Another common pennant is a pennant representing a college. These pennants can be flown to represent the college or university that one attended. Some fly university pennants or college pennants in order to represent the university they are applying to. Others display college pennants in their yard, or at their house to show loyalty. The most popular pennants are those from big universities that boast strong sports teams. This is why it is the most commonly used pennant Americans use to decorate their homes.

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