Combi Steam Ovens Are Setting New Cooking Trends

Combination steam ovens are more recent than convection ovens. Combination steam ovens combine the best of both an oven and the ability to steam in one piece of catering equipment. It allows chefs to create more creative dishes by only needing one unit rather than two. This allows you to save space in your kitchen. Piron’s latest technological innovations and modern design are sweeping the restaurant industry. With their Combi Steam Ovens, they are expanding the boundaries of cooking – helpful resources.

Every Piron Combi Steam Oven comes standard with these technologically innovative features:

* 7-inch digital TFT screen with touch control

* A digital timer that can be set between 0 and 120 minutes

* Memory Capacity for 99 Programs

* Auto-cooling function

* Fan speed regulation

* Percentage steam regulation

* Pause and pre-heating phase

* Temperature control by digital or mechanical means

* Bottom heating element

* Automated washing system

* Core probe

These advanced technological features are found in both the Piron Marco Polo Sensitive Line and Piron Colombo High Tech Line.

Each of these lines offers two options, i.e. There are two options for each line: one with 10 trays and one with 6. These ovens are equipped with high-speed motors that have a reverse gear, core probe, and cleaning system. The temperature of the Piron Combi Steam ovens is 260 degrees Celsius. The 10 tray option is 125 kg in weight, has three high speed motors, and measures 810 x 895×1225 millimeters. The 6 tray option, which weighs 110 kilograms, is smaller and has two high-speed motors. It measures 810x895x855 millimeters. These lines are ideal for medium-sized restaurants and caterers.

Caboto is ideal for small establishments, such as cafes and home caterers. It also includes the Piron Convec oven with 2 high-speed motors. Although it has fewer features than its counterparts, it is still an impressive catering equipment in its category. It can carry 4 trays and is only 37 kg in weight.

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