Associate Attorneys Employment Agreement

Most law firms with more than one lawyer are organized in a hierarchy. Partners sit at the top of the hierarchy and Associates are at various levels below. Associates are employees, while Partners are the owners of the firm. Associates are often offered the opportunity to move up the ladder and become Partners. Associates can then share in the firm’s profits instead of receiving wages, helpful hints?

It is important that the Associates and Firm have a written agreement. This contract outlines all of their obligations and the conditions in which they can advance. Here is an example of a contract between an Associate (or law firm) and an Associate. It can be modified for the specific needs of a law office that hires an Associate Attorney.

This AGREEMENT is between the Law Offices in Smith, hereinafter referred too as the “Firm” and Joe Blow.


The Firm is a Sole Proprietorship. It operates as a business that renders legal services. If the Firm changes its business structure during the term of the contract, it will still be binding on both the Firm and the Attorney.

The State of Texas has licensed the Attorney to practice law.

The Attorney and Firm both desire that the attorney be employed by the Firm to practice law.

It is agreed upon by and between the Parties as follows:

Section 1. Section 1.

Employment. The Firm employs the Attorney, and the Attorney accepts employment in accordance with this Agreement.

Full-time. Full Time.

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