I'm so excited that you're here!

My mission is to create gorgeous visuals via photo & video for you to show off your brand, business or blog while helping you stay true to your colors (literally!) & use these to bring more readers, clients and followers to your business.

I saw a need in the industry for affordable and customizable stock images while having many colors and options available for you to basically design it yourself. In addition, there was also a need for outsourcing video editing that was affordable. I realized I fit both of those!

My Background

I started my first YouTube channel at 15 and caught the video editing bug.  After going to school for film and media production, I launched my first business, JCR Productions in 2014 where I shot and edited weddings and marketing promos. Previously I had worked as a summer camp videographer. I launched my current YouTube Channel in 2014, where I upload DIY, home decor and tutorial videos.

I attended Bethel University in St. Paul and graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Media Communication: Production and lived in Los Angeles for a semester, working on film editing. We learned to edit videos in a professional studio and edited a $2000 short film, where I was one of 2 female editors in the program. I also interned at a post production house in Burbank that worked on shows like The High Fructose Adventures of the Annoying Orange and the film Grace Unplugged.

Along with my YouTube channel, I launched my personal blog in 2014 where I stumbled into the world of online entrepreneurship. I love being involved in both the online and local creative community as I'm also very active at my local church and love volunteering my time!

I grew up and currently reside in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I love living in Minnesota and run a local group Twin Cities Collective for Bloggers and Creatives where we do networking events, run their instagram and facebook group and host a podcast!

10 Fun Facts about me!

1. My favorite color is pink and has been since I was a child-not a shock!
2. I don't drink coffee-Chai Tea Lattes all the way!
3. My all time favorite food is spaghetti!
4. I worked as a summer camp videographer-so fun!
5. I love to travel & have been to many countries, including New Zealand! 
I collect penny presses from wherever I go-I have over 40!
6. I was a synchronized figure skater in high school
(basically like dance line meets synchronized swimming on skates)
7. I'm a TV nerd! My favorite show of all time is One Tree Hill
(I flew down to North Carolina to see them film during the final season!).
My current favorite show is Riverdale-obsessed!
8. Music: Currently obsessed with Ed Sheeran and The Chainsmokers
9. I collect typewriters! I have 4 currently, including one from my grandma!
10. I'm really into genealogy research; I tried out for Norwegian reality show and got my DNA tested!


Stock Photos

In 2015, I launched JennaRedfieldDesigns where I create stock photos for creatives, small business owners, etc... I started on Etsy & Creative Market before adding this site in December 2015. I give out free stock photos in my Facebook group Branding Your Biz with Jenna Redfield every month! 

Custom Stock Photos

In March 2016, I launched the custom ordering process, where you can get custom made stock photos for your business by pinning which props you want from the prop library. I have over 400+ props and over 16 backdrops to make custom stock photos for your brand, business or blog! 

Video Editing Services

This September 2016, I launched my video editing services. I realized the part I loved (editing) was really what I wanted to do and I love helping creatives create beautifully branded videos that help them move their business & the businesses they are helping to teach move forward!