Video Editing & Design Services

Types of videos I edit & types of clients I work with!


All Videos Include:


Overview of Video Process

During our initial video consult, I can rundown exactly what you need and how the process works. For the newbies, this will be a full hour while for the veteran's will be just a few minutes to make sure we're on the same page.

Cutting Footage & Text Editing

Many of us say "um" and "like" a few too many times. I can edit out the pauses and awkward silences because who wants those!?
I will also add graphics with text where needed.

Google Drive Integration for footage

All video files will be sent to me using Google Drive which is an easy way to communicate. I will also send the final file back to you for uploading.

Color Correction

Using Luts (similar to instagram filters) I can make your video look better, whether it's too dark or too bright and just make you pop!

Music Added & Audio Edits

I will help you find free or paid licensed music to use in your video intro that will make your video stand out! 

Transitions & B-Roll

I will add fun and professional transitions when necessary & incorporate B-roll footage or images over you speaking.  


Many of my video clients want addition animation & graphics for their videos. Here's some examples of some of those

Video Animated Intros


Sidebar with text

Pop Up Graphics

Animated Endslate outro for annotations (1).gif


Scrolling Mockup

Flatlay/Stop Motion Product Videos (1) copy.gif

Instagram Story Motion Graphics