Video Editing & Branding Services

For Promo, Online Course, YouTube & Marketing Videos

Why are videos so important for brands & businesses?

Consumers are 85% more likely to buy a product or service after seeing it in an online video

Do you struggle with the basics of editing? 

Do you film yourself but don't know how to make the footage beautiful & professional looking?

Do you grapple with audio, transitions & overlays as well as still photos & b-roll?

Do you want to have videos fit for your brand, but don't know where to start and want to outsource it?

Look no further!

Introducing JennaRedfieldDesigns Video Editing & Branding Services

Using 10 years experience & a college degree in production, I can help you in all aspects of your editing needs, from the transitions to the music selection, intros & outros and more!

Video Editing Features Include

Overview of Video Process

During our initial video consult, I can rundown exactly what you want and how the process works. I will give you as much advice as possible on how to get me the best footage possible to edit (even from your phone!)


Transitions & B-Roll

I will add fun and professional transitions when necessary & incorporate B-roll footage or images over you speaking. 


Cutting Footage & Text Editing

Many of us say "um" and "like" a few too many times. I can edit out the pauses and awkward silences because who wants those!?



Dropbox Integration for footage

All video files will be sent to me using Dropbox which is an easy way to communicate. I will also send the final file back and can assist in uploading to YouTube or Wistia (Want my free upload guide? Click here!)

Video Branding & Intro/Outro Creation

Video Branding

I can incorporate your logo and style guide to create an Intro and Outro (End Slate) Images & Motions for you to use on each video. Check out examples below

Music Added & Audio Edits

I will help you find free licensed music to use in your video intro that will make your video stand out!



Check out some examples of JennaRedfieldDesigns edited videos

Savvy Community

Heather Crabtree of has recently hired JennaRedfieldDesigns to edit videos for her Savvy Community YouTube Channel.

Heather prerecorded the footage and sent it over via dropbox. From there I utilized her brand guidelines to create transitions, intro and outros and more!

Heather & her team utilized Jenna's editing and branding services to create videos fit for her brand and thousands of followers.

Make sure to join her super popular group The Savvy Business Owners!

The Decor Fix

Meet Heather Freeman, an interior designer who helps her clients style their homes through digital courses, blogs & decor coaching. Heather has been featured on sites like HGTV, Apartment Therapy & The Huffington Post.

Heather asked me to edit together her promo video for her course entitled "The Bookshelf Styling Class" to make it more professional and add some elements to make it stand out.

Heather sent me videos she shot with a photographer who had a DSLR (many people borrow friends cameras that have HD video). She also sent me some still shots of her decorating.

I edited together, with Heather's vision, a promo video for her course (featured here on the left).

It was a great experience and I'm excited to start offering this type of editing as it's own service. Click here to see it in action on her course page.

Krista Rae

Meet Krista from Krista Rae. She's a web developer who loves to code!

Krista needed to outsource her editing so she could spend more time coding and less time stressing over making videos! 

She sent over footage via dropbox and we collaborated to bring in some awesome graphics & a fun feeling to the video.

She just launched her channel and has more videos edited by yours truly coming soon!

Video Intros

In addition to editing videos, I also design and create intros for YouTube Videos

Here's some recent examples of video intros I have created for clients


My background

Jenna Redfield, owner of JennaRedfieldDesigns, has over 10 years of experience (and a degree!) in film production and spent time training at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center, editing a short film shot on a $30,000 RED camera (you can watch that film here)

She started her editing career at 15 years old, editing videos for YouTube which continued through adulthood when she started her first videography business JCR Productions, filming and editing weddings and promo videos for local businesses. Realizing that editing was her life's passion from a young age fueled Jenna to learn all the techniques needed to create quality videos for the web.

Jenna noticed there really is no video editing outsource business targeted at female creatives. With her experiences creating branding photography mixed with years of video editing and marketing experience, it's a perfect fit!



+ How long does the turnaround take?

Usually 1-2 weeks per video, depending on current demand.

+ How do I send videos to you?

Dropbox. My email for that is

+ What else should I send?

Please send your brand/style guide. You can create this on This includes your colors, fonts and logo.

Want to get a beautifully edited video for your business?