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“Business decision makers LOVE online video because it gives them the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time.”
— Robert Weiss


Do you struggle with how to make your videos beautiful & professional looking?

Do you want to spend less time working on video editing and more time on 


Look no further!

Introducing JennaRedfieldDesigns Video Editing Services

Using 10 years experience on YouTube & a college degree in film production,
I can help you in all aspects of your video needs, from teaching you what equipment you need & how to upload to outsourcing your editing! 

hey all! i'm jenna

I have a passion for editing videos. I've spent the last 10+ years editing videos and am excited to bring these services to my website.

I've gone through all of the issues you're going through and have come out the other side & I want to help you show off what you do to the world in a beautifully created video. Let's get started! 

I have found that I get 2 very different types of clients & have decided to split my services into 2:

Option 1:

video Newbies

Who is a video newbie?

  • Haven't recorded or have little equipment
  • Don't have a YouTube Channel or have little experience on YouTube
  • Don't know where to start

Option 2:

Experienced video Veterans

  • Have recorded before
  • Have equipment & Channel set up
  • Need editing outsourced


Is this you? Continue reading you are in the right place!

Basic Outsourcing
You may know all the basics, have the equipment but don’t want to spend the time editing yourself. I also outsource as well!

What you will get

  • Professionally edited video with graphics
  • Cuts of excess footage
  • Color Correction
  • Audio Enhancements
  • Licensed Music of your preference
  • You can also request intro & outro creation & my other design elements as an add-on.

What to know

#1. For video veteran's, I will encourage you to try to do a small number of takes and also highly encourage you to buy the $99 teleprompter from Parrot Teleprompter if you are using a DSLR & are doing on camera speaking of any kind. This way it cuts down on the time it takes both of us to get your video done, saving you money & me time!

All Videos Include:

Overview of Video Process

During our initial video consult, I can rundown exactly what you need and how the process works. For the newbies, this will be a full hour while for the veteran's will be just a few minutes to make sure we're on the same page.

Cutting Footage & Text Editing

Many of us say "um" and "like" a few too many times. I can edit out the pauses and awkward silences because who wants those!?
I will also add graphics with text where needed.

Google Drive Integration for footage

All video files will be sent to me using Google Drive which is an easy way to communicate. I will also send the final file back to you for uploading.

Color Correction

Using Luts (similar to instagram filters) I can make your video look better, whether it's too dark or too bright and just make you pop!

Music Added & Audio Edits

I will help you find free or paid licensed music to use in your video intro that will make your video stand out! You can find some of my favorite places to get music here

Transitions & B-Roll

I will add fun and professional transitions when necessary & incorporate B-roll footage or images over you speaking.  (Need help with some of the terms I use? Make sure to check out my downloadable glossary!)

what types of videos do I make/edit?

Website Promo Video Editing

Everyone needs a promo video for their website! Let me help you edit a 1-3 minute video for your front page! This is perfect for the newbie package!


  • Basic Logo intro
  • Basic Cuts
  • 4-5 Graphics & Transitions, B-Roll
  • Color Correction & Audio Enhancement
  • Call to Action & Outro

Flatlay Product Videos

Have a small product that can be filmed for marketing? 
I now offer overhead flatlay videos for social media, under 2 minutes.


  • Graphics
  • Music
  • Stop-motion type video effects
  • Call to action

Monthly Video Editing for YouTube  Channel or website

Do you want something more long term? Do you want to outsource editing your YouTube channel for your business? I offer that as well! This is perfect for video veterans.


  • Intro Creation with Licensed Music
  • Basic Cuts
  • Graphics & Transitions, B-Roll
  • CC & Audio Enhancements
  • Call to Action & Outro

Additional Types of Video's I've edited!


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