Motion Graphics for Social Media

Services include

Mixing photo & video to make fun & exciting graphics for social media! Yes please! 

Here are just a few ways that I use this unique new way to show off your products and services.

Instagram Story Graphics

Impress your audience on instagram's newest feature!

Instagram Story Animated Text (Pack of 5)

Get animated!

Choose your font/background graphic & add each phrase

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Video Flatlay

Perfect for product based businesses!

Scrolling on Mockups

Great for designers or for launches! Or just in general to show off a website or video!

Desktop Mockup Stock Photo &
from 20.00


Which Styled Stock Photo you want

& what URL you want! Easy Peasy!

2 Options: $30 for desktop stock mockup of your choosing + scrolling feature

or $20 for the scrolling feature on previously purchased mockup

Can be used on ipads, iPhones & computers

Select from the following options for mockups:
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