Introducing my new services: Video Editing, Submitting Stock Photo Ideas & Pinterest Updates

Introducing my new services

Hello everyone! Long time no talk….however there is a reason for this!

Today is officially JennaRedfieldDesigns 1 year anniversary! Can you believe it? Neither can I!

I’ve been hard at working figuring out my video editing services and am so excited that they are finally ready for prime time!

So because you can check out the pages yourself, I’m going to briefly explain them to you, the reasons behind why I’m adding them and a bunch of cool things

Video Editing & my background

If you have never met me or heard my story, I discovered the world of YouTube and video editing in 8th grade and it was love at first site(get it?). I spent the rest of high school and college following my dream of being a video editor in Hollywood. When I went to Hollywood my junior year of college, I realized that that life wasn’t for me and when I returned to my college back in Minnesota I decided I wanted to go into marketing, social media marketing in particular, as I was obsessed with social media & really thought I would be good at it and easily find a job (which I eventually did). However, during my senior year, I was asked to shoot a friends wedding and after graduating, I decided to launch a wedding videography business, JCR Productions. I realized I liked doing smaller projects, just me and my computer, without directors directing me. However, I also realized about a year in as I was doing that that the filming part of the video production process was also not something I enjoyed all that much. I really just loved the editing. I didn’t care who’s footage it was-just give me something and I’ll make it look good was my motto.

After launching this biz last year and closing JCR Productions in March, I’ve recently started wanting to get back into the video editing game. I came to this realization months ago, but just haven’t had the time to put it in place. I’ve done some freelance editing here and there, but never really had pricing or information on my site.

Well today’s the day I reveal that and officially open JennaRedfieldDesigns up for video editing and training

So the following are what I’m offering to people!

Wedding Video Editing


I loved editing wedding videos-it’s one of the main reason I kept JCR Productions going. I would love to start helping wedding photographers and videographers edit their videos if they need assistance and extra hands.

YouTube 1 on 1 Training


Many YouTubers want to be able to create higher quality videos to attract more subscribers and grow their channels. Many of the most successful YouTubers learned to edit their videos to look professional. With one on one training in iMovie and Final Cut Pro X, I can teach you to edit like many of the top YouTubers out there.

Course Promo & Marketing Video Editing


Have you thought about or are working on creating a video course but don’t have time or the experience to edit your promo video? Outsource it! Promo videos are extremely important to any launch and I can provide editing for your promo videos to sell your product, business or course.

I'm so excited about this video editing services I've decided upon and hope to someday soon put up a course as well!

Submitting a stock photo idea


In addition to my video editing, I’m also launching another service, which I’m super excited about.

One thing I don’t have a lot of is time, but I do have time to set up photos. Thinking of ideas for stock photos is something that takes way more time than the actual setup.

So in the best interest of myself and my customers, I’m launching a monthly recurring contest where my audience sends me ideas for stock photos to add to my shop. The 3 winners each month will receive their design for free and their winning designs will be added to my shops.

It’s super easy-all you have to do is make a pinterest board with 5-15 props from my prop library and send it my way via the contact form on the page. You can send an unlimited amount each month and I will pick my 3 favorite boards.

I will pick 3 winners each month, design the stock photo and send it to them for free before placing it in my shop! I’m so excited to get my audience involved in creating my stock photos and for me to spend more time focused on updating and maintaining other parts of my biz-especially now as I work on more videos (which is very time consuming)!


Pinterest Updates

I started my pinterest account my sophomore year of college (while it was still in beta) and I’ve been a pinning machine ever since. It has however, gotten a little out of hand. At one point I hit the limit of 500 boards and I knew that was the last straw. I needed to downsize if I were to use this as my biz page and boards about my favorite 90s books were not going to cut it.

So I thought of a great idea….splitting my account (creepily similar to how Voldemort split his soul...but I’m not going to go down that road!)

For the last 2 weeks, I’ve spent more than 20 hours combing through my pinterest page of more than 25,000 pins and over 350 boards to separate them into 5 different accounts. To do this I had to repin every single pin from one account to the other account and then delete the board on the main account. This is as time consuming as it sounds. But after determination I finally did it and I’ve never felt happier!

And what’s funny is while doing that I lost about 1.8K followers, as many were following individual boards. But honestly, I was so happy with that. Because if I’m taking those boards off, they aren’t my ideal customer. I’ll hopefully be able to now grow followers who are in my target demo and I’m way happier with that!

So without further ado, if you’ve been missing any of my boards, here they are.

This is my main account, which has now become the hub for jennaredfielddesigns.

On here I have all the pins about business, blogging and entrepreneurship as well as all my prop options for my shop

Includes: Pop culture (Movies/TV), 90s, kids & travel

Includes: Recipes, Natural Items & Fitness

Includes: DIY, Holidays, Home, Parties, Weddings

Includes: Beauty, Hair, Makeup and Fashion

I’m so excited to start (sort of) fresh and grow my “biz” account to get my best potential clients!

So that's the launch! I really hope you guys like the changes-I really think it's going to be fantastic all around-for both you guys and myself!