JennaRedfieldDesigns creates & edits photo & video visuals to elevate your social media to the next level.


Do you struggle coming up with beautiful visuals for your instagram or social media? 

Do you want professional & high converting video for your YouTube Channel or website?

Do you want to add excitement to your social media with motion graphics, specifically to display your products & services?

If the answer to any of these is yes, you have come to the right place!

Let me walk you through the process of creating beautiful, professional & powerful visuals to make your unique business stand out! 

I'm blurring the line between graphics, video, photo & gifs for you to display your services, designs & products.

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Pre-Made Stock Photos

What are styled stock photos & why do I need them? Styled stock photos are pre-made stock photos that are styled to look like a person did it themselves with desktop props & products & are used to display both text, photos, logos, business cards, designs, web sites, prints & much more! 

Here you will find high quality, easily downloadable stock photos fit for any type of business. Flatlay, or overhead, photos are great for blog post photos, pinterest photos, instagram, etc.. while mockups (blank screens or frames) can be used to display prints and designs.

One of the unique specialities of JennaRedfieldDesigns vs any other stock shop is that I tend to cater to unique color combos and unique businesses with hard to find stock photos. Let me know if there's another category I need to make stock photos for!

Custom Product Photo Styling

Do you need custom images of your products or logo for your business or clients?  Do you need images that makes your social media or website beautiful, displaying your work?

Then you are in the right place!

Order Styled custom product & brand photos today!

Excelsior Candle Co Product Styling

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Video Editing & Motion Graphics Services

Video is one of the fastest and most important mediums for small businesses to be starting. Not just on YouTube, but also on facebook, twitter, instagram & pinterest.

Let me help you through your video struggles with 10+ years experience on YouTube, film school & a degree in Media Production!

I do everything from video editing to creating instagram story animations to video flatlays! 

Incorporating photo & video editing along with text & photo graphics, social media motion graphics are one of my favorite and one of my most unique offerings. Can be used as Gifs or videos on most platforms.

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